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Shandong Meika Wheel Co.,Ltd. founded in 2016 is an upgraded forging wheel manufacture based on the original Shandong Detong Wheel,which has world advanced equipment and technology.

Product covers full range of truck aluminum wheel, truck steel wheel and tires. With total 52million US dollars fixed assets, the most advanced forging process like CAD,CAM,CAE simulation, simulation tools are widely used in design and development, resulting in more accurate and rapid design.

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  • Lighter: forged aluminum alloy wheels with "light and strong" characteristics, lighter 45%-50% than the steel wheel.
  • More economical: save1%-3% fuel consumption, increase the amount of 0.7 tons of cargoeach trip.
  • More beautiful: special custom diamond tool, the product can reach the level of mirror
  • More stable: reduce the weight of the suspension / shock, can reduce the shock absorber wear, and improve driving smoothness / controllability.
  • Heat Radiation faster: heat quickly, can prevent thebrake hub and tire overheating
  • Stronger: after the strength of cold spinning, once again to refine the grain increase density, so that the internal structure of the product is more dense, better strength; enhance the strength of the wheel and the ability to resist deformation.
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