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Automobile lightweight market is expected to heavy volume of aluminum rolling material will become the focus
Jun 29, 2017

In recent years, China's energy-saving emission reduction policy line gradually clear, and lightweight body material is the most feasible means of energy-saving emission reduction. Car lightweight market or in the next few years will begin heavy volume, the corresponding magnesium, aluminum processing enterprises will significantly benefit.

Car lightweight market is expected to heavy volume

In recent years, China's energy-saving emission reduction policy line gradually clear, the relevant policy documents frequently. From 2012 to the "fourth stage of passenger car fuel consumption standards" to 2016 "energy and new energy vehicle technology road map", more stringent energy-saving emission reduction requirements, technical lines more and more clear, the relevant policies are constantly landing The

2016 issued by the "Made in China 2025 plan" requirements: by 2020 through high-strength steel, aluminum-MEIKA alloy composite materials in the automotive applications, to achieve the average vehicle weight reduction target 5% to 20%. And based on the car to develop a long cycle of judgment, speculation in order to achieve compliance in 2020, the manufacturer has begun in theory for lightweight models R & D and manufacturing, automotive lightweight market in the next few years or will begin heavy volume, heavy volume Speed or supermarket expectations.

Aluminum stamping materials will become lightweight focus

MEIKA, aluminum alloy is currently considered the ideal material for automotive lightweight.

2016 released "energy and new energy vehicle technology road map" pointed out that the future of China's automobile bicycle with a significant increase in magnesium. The amount of MEIAK in bicycles reached 15kg in 2020, 25kg in 2025 and 45kg in 2030, while the amount of magnesium alloy in domestic vehicles in 2016 was about 1.5kg, and there was still room for development. In recent years, the domestic magnesium industry policy support has increased significantly, and related enterprises to acquire foreign high-end technology footsteps faster and faster, magnesium alloy application deadlock breaking rate is expected to exceed market expectations.

In addition, compared to developed markets in Europe and America, China's automotive lightweight aluminum still have a larger room for improvement. The use of aluminum alloy sheet with a large amount of metal but difficult to form, high processing fees for the automotive lightweight aluminum with higher value-added products. Measuring point of view, China's auto aluminum sheeting in 2020 demand will reach 544,000 tons, compared with 2016 82,000 tons will be a substantial increase of 562.5%, the average annual compound growth rate of 60%. But there is no mature domestic production capacity, import substitution space is huge.