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Casting and forging aluminum wheels
Jun 19, 2017

Casting and forging aluminum wheels

1: Casting:

1 Gravity manufacturing process: the factory will aluminum into aluminum casting in the wheel model from top to bottom stamping, 3 minutes a, this process is suitable for supporting the mass production of automotive production plants.

2 fork pressure (low pressure) manufacturing process: the factory will aluminum into aluminum water, through the transmission pipe directly into the aluminum wheel model, the pressure on the press, 30 minutes a. Auto parts shop to buy aluminum wheels are This process.

2: Forging:

Forged manufacturing process of aluminum wheels with the highest performance, the lightest weight, the highest hardness. But the price is relatively high.

A cylindrical design, the diameter of the hub is thicker aluminum to forging, and casting aluminum wheels using the "raw material 'manufacturing method is even more different.

B. Cut the aluminum according to the number of J required for the width of the aluminum hub.

C. First, the aluminum ingot heated to 480 above and below, then you can prepare forging.

D. hot forging molding, the higher the number of tons of forging machine required aluminum ingot working temperature is low, forged products out of the smaller, toughness is also higher.

E. The high temperature and high pressure molding of the coarse embryo temperature is very high, the surface covered with black carbide, must use the fork to move the machine, and after pickling the surface treatment of coarse embryos already have the prototype of aluminum wheels.

F. In T4 and T6 two kinds of heat treatment machine for a long time after re-processing heat treatment, coarse embryo grain will be more compact, the product will improve the toughness.

G. Forged aluminum wheels must rely on mechanical processing, the rough embryo processing to the hub shape, so the work includes the tire lip forming, screw hole drilling, disk turning, detailed processing and so on.

H. Before painting, you must check whether the surface of the wheel is defective.