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Classified by tire
Feb 28, 2017

Passenger car tyres – is mounted on the car's tires, it is mainly used in high-speed exercise on good pavement, top speed up to 200-kilometer/h, demanding comfort, low noise, good maneuverability and stability. Using radial tire structure structure. According to the driving speed is divided into different series, in the Handbook of standards and common 95, 88 series tire, 80, 75, 70 and 65 series radial tires.

-Usually refers to light truck tires rims 16 inch diameter and cross-section width 9-inch truck tires and above. These tires are mainly on the road, the speed can reach 80~100km/h.

Truck and bus tire usually refers to a rim diameter of 18~24 inches, width 7-inch and above the truck, dump truck, a variety of special and trailer tires. Its pavement is more complex, have a good asphalt road, also have poor gravel roads, dirt roads, muddy road, bingxuelu, or no road condition, speed is generally not more than 80km/h.

OTR--engineering machinery tire is mounted on the special operations vehicle of construction machinery, such as loaders, bulldozers, excavators, leveling machines, rollers and rock excavation machines. Speed is not high, but demanding road conditions and loading performance. Bias tire tires mainly used structures, but France m wheel (Cantonese tones, Mandarin Michelin) also uses the radial structure of the company. From the tire section width classification can be divided into standard tires and wide base tires in two series.