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Forged wheels Why sell so expensive
Jun 30, 2017

The process of the hub

In general, the hub is divided into forging and casting two. In simple terms, casting is the process of smelting a metal into a casting that meets certain requirements and is poured into a mold, cooled and solidified and subjected to a finishing process to obtain castings (parts or blanks) with a predetermined shape, size and properties.

Forging is the use of forging machinery to exert pressure on the metal blank, resulting in plastic deformation to obtain a certain mechanical properties, a certain shape and size of forging processing methods. Through the forging to eliminate the metal cast as loose, welding holes, so that the higher the density of aluminum, forging and casting will find the finished casting will be the feeling of osteoporosis. Forged parts are usually better than the mechanical properties of the cast parts, so the forged wheels are costly.

Forged wheels are continuously stamping in the production process, the molecular structure will become very tight, so can withstand high pressure, so the same size in the same strength, forged wheels than the casting wheel lighter quality.

2 Why is the forged wheel?

- complicated production process -

① feed and cutting materials: forging wheels used aluminum rod material for the 6061, which is a military grade aluminum material to cut aluminum rods to the size required to manufacture the wheel hub.

② aluminum bar preheat: the cutting of the aluminum bar into the heating furnace for heating, heated to set the temperature, the material reaches a balanced temperature, remove the forging operations.

③ forging into the embryo: to more than 8,000 tons of forging press, the preheated aluminum to forging the way forging into a blank.

④ strong spinning molding: to vertical spinning machine to each wheel up to 25 tons of 3 wheel to the hair spinning spinning.

⑤ heat treatment: aluminum wheel in the spinning molding, the need for heat treatment to strengthen, heat treatment process includes a. High temperature solution treatment, b. Quenching water treatment, and c. Low temperature aging treatment.

⑥ lathe processing

⑦ center hole and drilling processing

⑧ wheel surface treatment

- Advantages of forged wheels -

① light weight, fuel efficient

② can extend the life of the engine

③ heat is good, not puncture, tire life can be extended to extend the life of brake pads

④ high strength, he was 30% higher than casting round

⑤ start fast, short braking distance

⑥ high safety performance

⑦ dynamic balance than casting better