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Good thermal performance is the biggest advantage of aluminum alloy wheels
Jun 09, 2017

A mention of aluminum wheels, I believe that many people the most intuitive impression is light and beautiful, and aluminum alloy heat dissipation is a big advantage is often overlooked.


First, the safety of the first,aluminum circle  quick heat dissipation and more secure

1, aluminum wheel cooling performance is 3 times the steel wheel

The thermal conductivity of aluminum is three times that of steel, indicating that the thermal conductivity of aluminum is three times higher than that of steel.


2, aluminum ring heat to effectively avoid puncture

In the summer hot weather, long driving or frequent braking, if the wheel cooling effect is poor, will lead to increased wheel temperature, high heat expansion and contraction with the water evaporation in the air can easily lead to increased tire pressure, high speed Turning, or bad road conditions, tire force can easily lead to puncture. Heat a good aluminum ring can effectively reduce the risk of puncture.


3, aluminum ring can ensure good braking performance

There is a certain driving experience of the truck friends are aware that a long time the brake will lead to the wheel "hot recession" caused by the terrible state of brake failure. Aluminum ring good heat dissipation performance is equivalent to the side of the brake drum plus two original heat sink, can quickly let the brake drum cool down, to avoid prolonged braking brake drum caused by overheating caused by brake failure.


4, aluminum ring impact does not produce sparks

Aluminum ring in the case of a violent collision will not be like a steel ring as a spark, which is a lot of dangerous goods transport vehicles choose one of the reasons for aluminum wheels.


Second, the aluminum ring quick heat dissipation province tire brake pads

High temperature in addition to the impact of vehicle safety, but also reduce the life of vehicle tires and brake pads, aluminum ring good thermal performance of the brake system is not high temperature materials and tires have a better protective effect, thus greatly reducing the tire wear , To extend the tire mileage, reduce the brake system maintenance costs.

Third, aluminum ring is particularly suitable for the recommended conditions

According to the above aluminum circle heat a good analysis, with the advantages of lightweight aluminum ring we can easily see the aluminum ring is particularly suitable for the situation recommended:

1, Long-distance high-speed standard load conditions: such as high safety requirements of dangerous goods transport, stability and stability requirements of long-distance cold chain transport.

2, the frequent use of brake conditions: such as the Southwest Guizhou and other long downhill areas, Shaanxi, Shanxi and other coal often traffic jam conditions. Of course, in addition to aluminum alloy heat dissipation, lightweight and other advantages, the aluminum ring in strength, stability also has its advantages, but do not blindly choose aluminum ring, in the purchase before the best or their own transport situation has a detailed understanding .