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In the structural design
Feb 28, 2017

Divide into oblique line tire, radial tire. Meridian tire and diagonal line the fundamental difference is that the carcass of the tire. Skew lines cross ply tire carcass is a slash and radial tire carcass is cross polymer multilayer material, the top layer is layer made from steel wire braided steel cord, can reduce the chance of tires punctured by a foreign object.

Tire cord arranged in a diagonal cross, hence the name. Features a tread and sidewall strength, but the sidewall stiffness, comfort is poor, because of ply high speed movement and friction, is not suitable for high speeds. With the improvement of radial tires, bias tires would essentially be eliminated.

Orientation of cord for radial tires and tire radial cross section, which ply corresponds to the basic skeleton of the tire. Because driving to tangential forces under tires, to ensure the cord secure, in their external and several layers made of high strength, easy stretch belt made of materials (also known as the banded layers), the cord direction and meridional section is a larger angle. From design Shang told, oblique make line tire has many limitations, as due to cross of curtain line strongly friction, makes tire body prone hot, so accelerated has tire lines of wear, and its curtain line layout also cannot is good to provides excellent of control sex and comfortable sex; and Meridian tire in the of wire with is has better of soft toughness to adapted road of not rules impact, and durable, it of cord structure also means with in car driving in the has than oblique make line small have more of friction, to get has more long of tire lines using life and better of fuel economic sex.

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