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Load and pressure
Feb 28, 2017

Load and pressure: the marked maximum load and the corresponding air pressure load to "kg" as a unit, pneumatic tyre pressure in units of "kPa".

Rim specifications

Rim size: go with tire and rim specifications. For practical use, such as "standard rims-5.00F".

Balanced symbol

Balanced flags: marked with a coloured rubber shapes printed on the sidewall, the lightest tires here, and Valve Assembly should be being to ensure the entire tire balance.

Scroll direction

Direction: the drainage pattern on the tires in motion to slip special key, so asymmetric pattern of off-road tires used arrows mark the Assembly direction to ensure adhesion, non-slip performance of the design. If loaded wrong, is counterproductive.

Wear limit marks

Wear limit marks: tire rubber on the side bar, and mark the tire wear limit, once the tire wear this flag should be replaced immediately, otherwise they will be due to insufficient strength of flat tire in the middle.

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