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Alloy wheels with Market development opportunities
Jun 12, 2017

Market development opportunities

In recent years the international market demand for aluminum wheels has been optimistic, coupled with the price advantage of China's products, the major domestic manufacturers to focus on the international market to be developed. The United States as the main export market, only the annual auto parts market demand reached 8 million, followed by Japan, South Korea, Australia, Southeast Asia and Europe and other places. In 2001 the export of aluminum car 3.5 million, in 2004 reached 14 million, exports in 2008 reached 35 million, eight years to 10 times. China's auto aluminum wheels are mainly exported to North America, Japan and Europe, of which North America, Europe accounted for about 10% of total exports. According to the European Commission data, China's aluminum alloy wheel products in 2006, the European market sales reached 3.7 million, as of June 2009 reached 6.1 million.

At present, aluminum wheels have become China's important auto parts export products, exports in recent years soared, exports from 1998 to 561 million US dollars in 2003 to more than 200 million US dollars, an increase of 35 times, the average annual growth rate More than 200%. 2005 exports amounted to 1.569 billion US dollars, the first half of 2006 exports reached 1.049 billion US dollars, accounting for 11% of total exports of parts.

In foreign countries, forged aluminum alloy wheels in North America, only a few major competitors, the current forged aluminum alloy wheels ~ 75% is produced by Alcoa. At present, only a few companies in the domestic production of forged aluminum alloy wheels. China's industrial development, product development process with a lot of imitation and similarity, industrial developed countries, new technologies, new materials on the domestic industrial development has played an important guiding role, forged aluminum alloy wheels in the country also caused response, forging Aluminum wheels are more and more people's attention, large and medium-sized trucks and bus forged aluminum wheels loading rate will gradually increase the car market forged aluminum wheel loading rate will gradually increase, which gives novice to enter the market Of the opportunity, the current should be forged aluminum alloy wheels in the country to broaden the market a good opportunity, great development potential.