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On the development trend of trucks
May 17, 2017

1, Heavy truck tractors and dump trucks will be the main models, truck and van market share will gradually narrow.

 At present, the product structure of foreign enterprises, as well as China National Heavy Duty Truck, Shanxi Auto, Chongqing Heavy Duty Truck, Beiqi Futian and other major domestic heavy truck enterprise product structure are mainly tractor and dump truck; rapid development of the expressway also provided for the tractor Play a role in transport and efficiency of the space; the same time, for the consideration of transport efficiency, user needs will gradually shift to the tractor and dump truck.

2, Low tonnage medium trucks will dominate the card market.

Low-tonnage medium-sized trucks can match four-cylinder diesel engine, the price advantage is obvious, cost is clearly better than the high tonnage of medium-sized trucks, the vehicle's flexibility, convenience and economic load and cargo space is very suitable for urban logistics. From the perspective of future development, low-tonnage medium-sized trucks will also get the city's operating permits at the right time, while high-tonnage medium-sized trucks are expected to be excluded.

3, Ligh tonnage of medium-sized trucks and low-tonnage heavy trucks will be in an awkward position.

At present this tendency has begun to show, the main reason is that these types of truck transport efficiency is relatively low. The future of these models will turn to the field of special vehicles, but the configuration will be a major change, such as the engine power level will increase, axles and gearbox will also make the appropriate changes and adjustments.


4, The heavy truck in the main matching power to the two development.

11 liters of diesel engines will be a joint venture with foreign brands of diesel engine products, but it’s one of the main driving force of heavy trucks, the size of its market depends on the market demand for high-end trucks, but also depends on their own cost level. Domestic 8-9 liters of 6-cylinder diesel opportunities and high-tonnage heavy-duty trucks to achieve simultaneous growth, but at present, the production capacity of the product is bound to its market development, the biggest obstacle. The main match of low-tonnage heavy truck 200 hp diesel engine will also be the rapid development. At the same time, 7-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine market will gradually shrink, its market dominance will cease to exist.

5, Heavy truck's own weight will increase.

With the diversification of user needs, heavy truck products will be multi-grade direction, which led directly to the vehicle parts and the number of types of increase, the vehicle's own weight will increase; and the country for a certain purpose (such as reducing the vehicle The damage to the road, improve the technical content of heavy trucks, etc.) will develop heavy truck standards, making the number of axles to increase the vehicle, new technology or parts to be applied, which also increased the vehicle's own weight. Some companies such as FAW, Fukuda, etc. on the development of the 10 * 4 models.