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The development status quo of China 's aluminum alloy wheel industry
May 04, 2017

After years of development, China's aluminum wheel industry has gradually formed a fully competitive market environment. Each business in the market behavior differences reflect the investors on the market of their different understanding of aluminum wheel industry. It is a set of labor, technology, capital as one of the industry, technology span is relatively large, process control is difficult. In this context, the industry should achieve the minimum cost of logistics, production and sales of regional, in order to facilitate the supply, reduce the flow of funds.gradually showing the production and sales around the vehicle manufacturers regional pattern. At the same time, to accelerate the localization of China's aluminum wheel manufacturing equipment. At present, many foreign companies are stepping up the layout of China's hub market. Domestic enterprises only to form a strong aluminum wheel product technology development capabilities, take the manufacturing, development, research and development path of innovation in order to not be eaten by foreign companies.