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The maintenance of these parts of the truck can not be ignored
May 26, 2017

The maintenance of these parts of the truck can not be ignored:

Paint: Rainy season, the rain contains acidic substances will damage the car's paint, We should pay attention to the truck cleaning and waxing, to prevent the truck because of the rain and damage the paint.

Chassis: We go home, we must promptly check whether the chassis is scratched, and do a good job of truck chassis seal rust work.

Cooling system: a winter past, the cooling system will have dust or debris, We should remove the dirt from the cooling system and detect the performance of the regulator.

Oil: Many regional temperature changes too fast, we will find oil viscosity changes, We have to change the oil in time.

Battery: In the summer and winter, the battery storage capacity is different, we should check the battery’s performance is stable

Wheels: the wheel is an important part of the truck body, because of its performance is good or bad bear the safety of truck drivers,we must do a good job of repairing the wheel.

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