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The truck lightweight methods
Apr 08, 2017

Lightweight measures one: extensive use of aluminum alloy materials

Aluminum alloy material is one of the most effective way to realize vehicle light weighting, our domestic truck drivers are most familiar with is aluminum alloy wheels, auto show in Hanover, Alcoa is very intuitive to show the weight of the aluminum alloy rim, two aluminium alloy wheel is a steel wheel. In order to reduce the weight of the vehicle, the domestic truck drivers have started using aluminum alloy wheels. Besides everybody familiar with aluminum alloy wheels also demonstrated the saddle, frame, aluminum alloy bridge framework, if all these aluminum alloy parts used in the truck, the weight of the truck will decline further.

Lightweight measure two: integral structure trailer

At present domestic trailer basically is to use the integral trailer. In Europe, like a refrigerator or some box-type trailer mostly adopts integral structure. This kind of integral trailer not well versed in whole vehicle frame, the bottom of the trailer is equivalent to the frame. Because there is no frame, so this kind of integral trailer weight is lighter.

Lightweight measure three: trailer structure design optimization

Although the integral trailer is more, but for some of the large capacity, a single weight concentration of some users, they will choose to have the frame structure of integral trailer. Frame up and down the wing, web made full use of high strength steel, and through the frame structure optimization in reducing vehicle weight.

Lightweight measures four: the use of carbon fiber materials

In order to reduce the weight of the European manufacturers can be said to have done everything possible, even the expensive carbon fiber materials are beginning to be applied. Compared with the traditional steel bridge, carbon fiber bridge can effectively reduce weight. Carbon fiber bridge in the future will also be a major vehicle lightweight development direction.

Lightweight measures five: small size tires

In some European trucks, small flat tires, such as 315/45R22.5, are used to reduce the vehicle's height. This is the use of small size tire decreased while the body height can also reduce the weight of the vehicle, with the common European 4X2 tractor and 3 axis semi-trailer, the whole car a total of 18 tires, if you use a small size tire that can reduce the weight of the vehicle part. Such a small size tires, for the delivery of goods such as light is fully applicable to the user.