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Tires (vehicles or machinery Assembly the doughnut-shaped elastic rubber products)
Feb 28, 2017

Tires in a variety of vehicles or machinery assembled on the ground rolling circular elastic rubber products. Usually mounted on the metal rim, bearing body, cushioning external shocks, achieve contact with the road surface and driving performance of the vehicle. Tires are often used in complex and demanding conditions, it suffers from a variety of deformation effect as well as high and low temperature, load, and therefore must have high capacity performance, traction, cushioning properties. Meanwhile, requiring high wear resistance and resistance to flexing and low rolling resistance and heat generation. Half of world consumption of rubber used in Tyre production, tire rubber consumption capacity.

Pneumatic tire

Pneumatic tire in the early, using the rubber-coated canvas as carcass. Because canvas vertical lines and horizontal lines cross each other when walking due to the deformation of the tire, causing friction line so that lines can easily be the breaking point, then the tires just 200-300km. In 1903, j F • Parmesan invented synthetic textile, this Twill textile of invention led to the development of cross-ply tires, tire life took a big step forward. Because inclined forks carcass not friction due to tire of walking, cord is not easy to be ground breaking, so substantially longer service life. 1930 made the first tubeless tire Michelin 1946 invented the world famous radial tires. Therefore, the tire is has gone through a long process of development, in the night, I do not know how many people worked hard labor and high intelligence.

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