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Truck wheel hub material and casting method
Apr 02, 2017

Alloy alloy wheels with a lighter weight, inertia resistance is small, the production of high precision, high-speed rotation in the small deformation, is conducive to improving the car's straight line performance, reduce tire rolling resistance, thereby reducing fuel consumption. Alloy material thermal conductivity is about three times the steel, good heat dissipation, for the vehicle's braking system, tire and braking system thermal decay can play a role.

Gravity casting

Metal-type gravity casting refers to a method of casting a cast metal by gravity metal filling under normal pressure, which is also an ancient casting method. As the molten metal in the metal casting in the cooling faster, so the casting than the sand casting of the organization is dense, the process is simple, high production efficiency, equipment investment, low production costs, suitable for small and medium-scale production. However, the internal quality of the aluminum wheel produced by this method is poor, and the shrinkage is serious. During the pouring process, inclusions such as oxide film and slag are easy to be involved in the casting, and sometimes the gas is entrained into the gas to form the pores. At the same time, The yield is also low. Most of the OEMs have now rejected the process of production of wheels, aluminum wheel manufacturing industry has gradually been marginalized trend.

Low pressure casting

Low-pressure casting is the casting on a closed furnace above the cavity with a tube (called the lift tube) and the furnace in the metal liquid connected. If the pressure is applied to the metal surface in the furnace, the molten metal flows from the riser into the cavity. After the molten metal is solidified, the compressed air in the furnace is released and the non-solidified metal flows back from the riser into the furnace. Control the pressure into the furnace air pressure, speed, you can control the metal into the cavity in the speed and pressure, and allows the metal under pressure crystallization of solidification. This process is characterized by casting crystallization under pressure, dense organization, good mechanical properties, high metal utilization.

Low-pressure casting process is currently in mainland China has been quite mature, suitable for a small number of production management, has been recognized by all OEMs is the current Chinese mainland aluminum alloy wheel manufacturing industry mainstream technology, products are sold to OEM and overseas retail market.

Aluminum alloy wheels made by low-pressure casting process, because the spokes is the last cooling solidification, so part of the special shape of the wheel hub is prone to shrinkage and other quality problems, and the rim part of the early crystallization is better.