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Understand these five things,you will be able to know what kind of oil to add for the truck in the summer
May 25, 2017

As summer temperatures rise,the truck's "blood" lubricants are facing new challenges, because high temperatures lead to oil thinning, deterioration, which has become a key issue affecting the truck's summer lubrication.

 So the summer to choose the right lubricants, to protect the normal operation of trucks, to extend the life of the truck is very important,

Understand these five things, in the summer, you can know what kind of oil can be added to the truck.


Truck lubricants

1)Engine oil

It is mainly used for engine crankshaft bearings, connecting rod bearings, piston and cylinder, cam and mandrel lubrication. It is also usually the main part of the oil filling.

2)Gear Oil:

It is mainly used for automotive rear axle, manual transmission, under normal circumstances the vehicle factory, it has been completed, only in special circumstances it needs special care

3)Brake oil

For automotive brake systems. Mainly for oil brake system in light trucks

4)Automatic transmission fluid:

For automotive automatic transmission  


For lubrication and sealing of automotive bearings

The main function of lubricating oil 

Lubricants are mainly lubricated, sealed, cooling, cleaning, reducing friction and prevent rust and other functions, some friends in order to save money or accidentally buy fake and shoddy lubricants, which will have a huge damage to the vehicle

Notice the matter

(1) the same level of domestic and international use of lubricants is the same effect.

(2) low level of lubricating oil can not be used for high-performance engine, to prevent lack of lubrication, resulting in increased friction damage. High-grade lubricants can be used for low-performance engines, but engine performance can not be too low

(3) to ensure lubrication conditions, preferably low viscosity lubricants, which can reduce the mechanical friction damage and improve power.

(4) do not mix different grades of lubricating oil, In addition, even the same brand but t different manufacturers of lubricants you’d better do not use.

(5) maintain normal oil level, not too much or too little, otherwise these are detrimental to the engine.

The best time to replace the truck's lubricants

In fact, the truck's oil replacement cycle with time is not much relationshipMainly to see your car mileagewe suggest that you can do maintenance when the mileage of 10,000 kilometersincluding the replacement of oil, machine filter, air filter and so on. Of course, by the working environment, in the harsh environment you will need to shorten the maintenance cycle. 

In short, the correct and effective maintenance will provide a reliable and long-term safe use of the truck