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Which is the advantage of heavy truck or light truck after installing aluminum wheel
May 24, 2017

1. Low cost of use

(1) save fuel

After installing the forged aluminum alloy wheels, not only the weight of the vehicle is reduced, but more importantly: the torque of the engine torque is reduced, the rotational inertia of the wheel is reduced, the vehicle acceleration performance is improved, and the demand for the braking energy is reduced accordingly Reduced fuel consumption.

(2) good heat dissipation, extend tire life

Due to the low temperature of the tire during travel, thus extending the tire life of 26%; the same token, the wheel heat dissipation also makes the brake system maintenance costs.

(3) lightweight to bring better benefits

To run Wuxi to Xiamen freight line of a fleet of 40 tons of semi-trailer, for example, the car has 22 wheels, the use of aluminum alloy wheels, the vehicle weight to reduce the 528 kg or more. According to transport costs per ton of highway 0.5 yuan, Wuxi to Xiamen mileage of about 1200 km, the car a single daily transport revenue can be increased by 316 yuan per year to 300 days, the annual increase of income 94800 yuan. Minus the one-time investment in aluminum rims, then the actual increase in efficiency is also more than 61800 yuan.

In addition, aluminum wheel recycling value is high, a 23kg aluminum alloy wheel recycling value of 270 yuan.

2. Reduce carbon emissions

(1) Reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the production process: 1 ton of steel production of carbon emissions of 1700kg; and the production of 1 ton of aluminum carbon emissions is 1500kg. Calculated in the production process of carbon emissions, the production of a 23kg aluminum wheel than the 46kg iron wheel material carbon emissions can be reduced by 87.4kg.

(2) Reduce fuel consumption Reduce carbon emissions: 1000 km per day, 1000 km / day × 2.5 liters (100 kg per 100 kg of fuel consumption) × 300 days × 0.785 kg (per liter of fuel carbon emissions) = annual reduction of carbon Discharge 5887kg.