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Know The True Face Of The Truck Wheel
Jun 08, 2017

Members of the driver friends attention, and said thousands of miles began in the next step. Shoes directly affect the quality of how far we can go. The same token, the importance of tires for trucks is self-evident, for the car with the right tires is also a long-term reliable operation of the vehicle necessary conditions. To meet the vast number of drivers friends on the knowledge of the wheel wheel of desire, Xiaobian specifically for everyone to organize a series of articles on the tire knowledge - green green tire value line. Xiaobian today on the classification of Truck Wheel from the start, to help friends first understand the true colors of Truck Wheel.

There are three types of truck wheels: the first is classified by vehicle type, such as light truck must be selected with light Truck Wheel, heavy truck optional heavy Truck Wheel, each with its own models. The second is the classification of the structure of the truck wheels, such as bias tires or radial tires, is a tube tires or tubeless tires, each with its own characteristics. The third is classified by season, such as the market often see all-weather tires, snow non-slip tires, each have their own strengths.

  Read the picture to speak, it is clear that the left side of this is the true face of bias tires. The ply material extends from the corners of the carcass to the other corners of the tread centerline at an angle of about 40 ° in the diagonal direction. The right side of this piece is the true face of the radial tire. The plies are 90 °, the carcass cord material is arranged in a radial direction, or directly through the tread from one bead to another bead.

Tubeless tires do not use inner tubes (commonly known as vacuum tires), but use a special low-permeability rubber inside the tire to prevent gas from leaking from the tire or tire edge.

1, due to tubeless airtight layer protection, tubeless tires will not suddenly due to the hole caused by gas leakage, to ensure the safety of traffic. It has the advantage of having a tube:

2, due to direct contact with the tire within the tire and improve the cooling performance during travel, reducing the possibility of tire high temperature puncture.

3, the reduction of the quality of the truck wheel and tubing maintenance and maintenance is greatly reduced, but also has a tube tire is not available.

The combination of the advantages of the tubeless tires in China has been vigorously promote the application. In recent years, with the increase in the number of commercial vehicles in China, the style of the truck wheel has also changed greatly, for the truck, the wide body tires also have distinct advantages, wide tires compared to ordinary tires and ground contact The surface becomes larger, the adhesion is enhanced, the pressure per unit area is reduced, and the braking friction increases, which is important for the truck. However, due to the constraints of China's transport environment and production factors to promote wide tires in China, there is no wide range of applications.

Simple introduction, I believe the driver friends have a certain understanding of tire classification, it can be said truck wheel radial, no tubing, wide body will be the mainstream of the development of the world tires.