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How To Distinguish Between Casting Or Forging?
Jun 08, 2017

How to distinguish between casting or forging?

Very simple, the dealer or the manufacturer will tell you directly that he will tell you their material (raw materials) A356 aluminum is casting (liquid die forging with A356) 6061 aluminum is forging

First, between the casting and forging process

Squeeze casting (also known as melting soup forging), that is, after casting in the mold in the pressure, so that the grain refinement and increased density, improve the strength to reduce the weight.

Casting and spinning, is the use of casting rough through the spinning machine to squeeze the tire ring tire parts of the tire ring parts of the grain refinement and increase the density and enhance the mechanical properties to reduce weight.

As well as the domestic invention in recent years, the so-called continuous casting and forging technology.There are semi-solid forging abroad, its technical difficulties and equipment requirements are very high.However, these aluminum rims are manufactured using Al-Si-Mg alloys. Their mechanical properties, especially the impact performance can not be compared with forged aluminum alloy wheels.

Second, the characteristics of forged aluminum alloy wheels


1. High strength, safe and reliable

(1) high bearing capacity

Forged aluminum alloy wheels carrying capacity is 5 times the ordinary iron ring. Forged aluminum alloy wheels in the bear 72000 kg deformation of 5 cm, the ring only after 14000 kg has been deformed 5 cm, in other words, forged aluminum alloy wheels strength beyond the iron ring 5 times.

(2) impact test to Japan Light Metal Association test simulation of a truck to 50 km over the roadside stone, equivalent to the weight of 910 kg fell from the height of crashes into the wheel and wheel standards. Through our Japan VIA laboratory standard test, in the 6-meter-high impact testing machine, with a weight of 1,000 kg, free-fall state of the impact of high-speed results: forged aluminum alloy wheels through the impact of the experiment was basically no damage, but the iron wheel damage is very serious and can not be used; cast aluminum wheels are completely broken.

2. Light weight, good handling

(1) Light weight

Truck forged aluminum alloy wheels less than 23 kg, iron wheels for 46 kg or so. Each car can be reduced by at least 161 kg. According to the data provided by the World Aluminum Association, under normal circumstances the car every 10% reduction in weight, its fuel consumption can be reduced by 6% -8%.

(2) to improve the driving comfort

As the aluminum alloy wheels forging the characteristics of light weight, the installation of traffic after the direction of light, high speed particularly smooth; the same time, fast start, brake light, good braking effect. Thus improving the driving pleasure.

3. Heat fast, not puncture

(1) good security

For high-speed cars, due to tire landing friction, braking and other high-temperature puncture, brake performance and other phenomena are common. The aluminum alloy heat transfer coefficient is three times the steel, with aluminum alloy because of its structural characteristics, easy to tire, car chassis generated by the heat scattered in the air. Even in the case of long-distance high-speed driving or downhill continuous braking, the car can also maintain the appropriate temperature to reduce the burst rate.

(2) tire wear reduced by 26%

Due to the characteristics of forged aluminum alloy wheels, its balance is 0, not easy to deformation, coupled with forging aluminum alloy wheels unique air flow, loose temperature (normal driving temperature 20-30 degrees lower than the ring) Suspension system protection is better, therefore, tires in the low temperature wear greatly reduced, so that each tire to run more than 3-5 million kilometers.

4. Round high, good dynamic balance

(1) roundness high

Forged aluminum alloy wheels are one forging forming, through the CNC lathe processing completed, roundness of less than 0.1mm, high-speed driving will not produce trembling. And the steel wheel is welded by the steel plate, and the roundness error is above 1mm.

(2) good dynamic balance

Forged aluminum alloy rims uniform texture, dynamic balance below 50 grams. While the steel wheel of the dynamic balance greatly exceeded this figure. Therefore, forged aluminum alloy wheels in the driving process more smooth and comfortable.

5. One forming, beautiful and beautiful

As the aluminum alloy wheels are molded, the surface is smooth and easy to handle. After the surface of the mirror with a special aluminum alloy beautiful metal texture; if by painting, polishing, plating, anodizing, aluminum wheels can be more noble style and temperament.