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About The Introduction Of MeiKa: Into The MeiKa, Perception MeiKa
Jun 28, 2017

Energy, environment and security are the three major issues in the world today. The development of the automobile industry and the popularization of automobile applications are closely related to these three problems. With the modern car energy-saving emission standards continue to improve, increasingly stringent safety and environmental regulations, automotive lightweight requirements more urgent. Aluminum alloy light weight, high strength, good formability, high recovery rate, to reduce the car weight, save tires, reduce fuel consumption, reduce environmental pollution and improve operational performance is of great significance, has become the preferred material for the automotive industry, forged aluminum Wheels also by the logistics industry's favor!


Shandong MeiKa SafeWheel Co., Ltd. is located in Guangrao County, Shandong Province famous tires, wheel production base - Guangrao West Water Industrial Park, is a car forging aluminum wheel lightweight design, research and development, production, processing, Technology enterprise. Company covers an area of 60,000 square meters, more than 200 employees, including engineering and technical personnel more than 30 people, the total output value of nearly 10 billion yuan. Magnesium truck wheel configuration, including Germany, Japan and other advanced equipment at home and abroad more than 100 sets, the existing types of wheel production capacity of 400,000 pieces of finished products, finished product capacity of 360,000, the second forging production lines and supplementary machine equipment has been scheduled to produce , And will be put into operation in June this year, when all types of wheel rough production capacity will reach 1 million, finished product capacity will reach 800,000, will become the largest forging aluminum-magnesium alloy R & D and production and processing base.


MeiKa truck wheels from the establishment of the past two years, from a little-known wheel company to grow for the Chinese forging aluminum alloy wheel senior producer, all the way to witness the development of aluminum wheels of the road, all the way to practice the " A wheel brand "value concept, all the way to adhere to the industry's best quality of service.


Through the course, word by word, depicts the most original intention of the original card - specifically to do the best forged aluminum alloy wheel brand in China, focus on doing the best brand service in China!