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Advanced Production Technology Of Meika Forged Aluminum Alloy Wheels
Aug 05, 2017

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Aluminum alloy forged wheels in the production process as a result of continuous punching aluminum.After the molding, the molecular structure of the hub will become very tight, so it can withstand high pressure, so the same size in the same strength, forged wheels are lighter weight than other wheels, the following is forged aluminum alloy hub of the seven advantage:

1. beautiful and generous, good corporate image and traffic conditions

2. Lightweight, reduce fuel consumption

3. Increase the payload

4. extend tire life

5. extend the life of brake pads

6. Reduce maintenance costs

7. High recovery returns

Meika forging aluminum alloy wheel production process are using the most advanced forging spinning process, and the configuration, including Germany, Japan and other advanced equipment at home and abroad more than 100 Taiwan. After sawing, forging, strong cold spinning, to strengthen the T6 heat treatment, precision CNC machining, surface treatment and other processes.


Extensive use of CAD / CAM / CAE simulation, simulation and other tools design, research and development, in order to obtain more accurate and rapid design parameters; production using online and offline quality control equipment and equipment, the wheel quality real-time online control.


Meika excellence from the hundreds of craftsmanship after the combination of precision, from more than 200 staff energy convergence, from thousands of technical experiments, from the pursuit of excellence in the endless spirit of exploration, Is the spirit of this craftsmen to make the Meika to become the industry leader, in the cast a hundred years on the road to pass on the line.