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Advantages Of Aluminum Alloy Wheels
Apr 02, 2017

The original car on the market of alloy wheels are mainly aluminum alloy. What are the advantages of aluminum alloy wheels compared to steel car wheels?

1, fuel-efficient. The average size of each aluminum alloy wheels than the same size of the steel wheel light 2kg, a car with 5 can not afford to pay 10kg weight. According to the Japanese experiment, the weight of the five cars each reduced 1kg, about 20L a year or save gasoline. The research report published by the American Society of Automotive Engineers pointed out that although the aluminum alloy wheels are more expensive than the average steel wheels, but each car ran to 20,000 km, the fuel savings will be enough to recover the cost.

2. increase the engine life. The engine load is negatively correlated with the life of the engine, and the greater the load, the shorter the life. Aluminum alloy wheels are lighter than steel wheels, so engine life can be extended.

3.good heat dissipation Aluminum alloy heat transfer coefficient of steel 3 times, good heat dissipation. Long-distance high-speed driving, but also to keep the tire at the appropriate temperature, so that the brake drum and tire is not easy to aging, increase life expectancy and reduce the chance of puncture.

4, high precision. Aluminum alloy wheels with true accuracy of up to 0.05mm, excellent balance of operation, is conducive to eliminating the steering wheel jitter phenomenon.

5, durable. Aluminum alloy wheels impact resistance, tension and heat and other strength than the steel hub to high. This is also one of the important roles of aluminum in the defense industry, the aviation industry plays an important role.

6, beautiful. General steel wheels due to production constraints, the form of monotonous, lack of change; aluminum wheels are a variety of design, coupled with luster, color effect is good, thus improving the value of the car and beauty.

At this stage, aluminum alloy wheel production process a total of eight, four of which casting process, the other four forging process.I'll introduce the forging process detailed next time.