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Aluminum Alloy Wheel
Feb 28, 2017

Wheels, alias rims, tire profile to support tires of cylindrical, the center part of Assembly on the shaft. Common car wheels steel wheels and aluminum alloy wheels. High strength steel wheels, commonly used in large trucks, but quality heavy steel wheels, form a single, does not meet the low carbon, fashion ideas, is gradually being replaced by aluminum alloy wheels.

The advantages of aluminum alloy wheels

(1) compared with the steel car wheels, alloy wheels more obvious advantages: low density, about 1/3 of steel, this means using the same volume of 2/3 alloy wheels are lighter than steel wheels. Statistics show that the 10% reduction in vehicle quality, fuel efficiency can improve 6%~8%, thus promoting alloy wheel is vital for energy conservation, low-carbon life.

(2) high thermal conductivity of aluminium, and the low thermal conductivity of steel, so under the same conditions, alloy wheel heat better than steel wheels.

(3) fashion. Age-hardening of aluminum alloy, not after aging treatment of low strength of continuous casting billet aluminum alloy wheels, good processibility, and corrosion-resistant treatment and coating color of alloy wheel colour variety and exquisite beauty.