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Aluminum Wheel Rim Exhibition, Meaning Energy Saving And Environmental Protection
May 24, 2017

The global economic slowdown, the Chinese mainland has shown a tertiary industry more than the first secondary industry situation. But the detailed analysis of the tertiary industry are indispensable for the secondary industry an important component of the service.

Long-distance transport, for example, heavy truck is the middle of the logistics and distribution, transport industry boom and the first and second industries have an indirect relationship, complementary role has gone beyond the traditional narrow sense of the tertiary industry. Long-distance transport is the benchmark for economic development, at this stage, domestic demand to ease the import and export pressure, while promoting the development of land trade.

Commercial car manufacturers have a lot of mainstream accessories from Europe and the United States, and China OEMs have close relations of cooperation. In the area along the way plan, not a direct beneficiary, but it is an indirect participant. The surface seems to be on the way all the way do not care about North American companies, often the ultimate beneficiaries.

● green truck aluminum wheels into a bright spot

The annual double 11, are the promotion of the golden age of electricity, into the 2017, the promotion of higher product style. Double 11 period, Shandong Meika Wheel Co.,Ltd. will join hands with many parts and components business, jointly set off a frenzy of parts buying, and the truck aluminum alloy wheels will be one of the star products.

The advantages of aluminum alloy wheels are obvious:

A, higher strength. Aluminum alloy wheels more than five times more than ordinary steel wheels, aluminum wheels by the impact is not easy to deformation, the latter part of the maintenance easier.

B, better heat dissipation. Aluminum cooling performance is better than iron, the tire can run the temperature as soon as possible to disperse, reduce the chance of puncture occurred.

C, lighter weight. Aluminum density is smaller than iron, aluminum alloy wheels can reduce the vehicle's own weight, and to achieve a very good fuel efficiency.

In short, the aluminum alloy hub is the trend, especially for energy saving and environmental protection has a very significant effect.