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MEIKA Wheels · Industry Focus - Alloy Wheels Set Off The Investment Boom Industry
Jun 20, 2017


Looking back 2016 China's aluminum alloy wheel industry, if you have to count out an annual hot topic, then the past year set off a new round of aluminum alloy project investment hot, will bepped topped the list.

From the beginning of the "CITIC North Korea factory first container finished line", to the end of the "Wanfeng Aowei plans to increase the expansion of Jilin factory announcement", in the hurry through this year, almost every month There are new aluminum wheel project or put into operation or signed landing. China's aluminum alloy wheel industry in 2016 ushered in an unprecedented investment boom.

Throughout the development of China's aluminum alloy wheel industry, from the birth of 1988 has been spent 29 years, has experienced two large-scale investment peak, but the intensity and scale are far less than this round of "planning" To the ferocious.

China's aluminum alloy wheel industry's first investment in the history of heat is in the late 90s of last century. August 1993, due to the success of CITIC Daika and Beijing Jeep cooperation, breaking the domestic OEM iron curtain, making the OEMs have to aluminum wheel hub manufacturers opened the door.

In the next few years, a large number of funds at home and abroad in this period into the aluminum alloy wheel manufacturing field, making the late 90s of last century, the number of Chinese mainland aluminum alloy hub factory significantly increase. Now well-known several industry leaders: Li Zhongli wheel, Zhejiang Wanfeng, Wuxi Daika, etc. is at that time involved in the manufacture of aluminum alloy wheels.

China's aluminum alloy wheel industry's second investment boom occurred in 2009 and subsequent years. 2007 began to emerge in Europe and the United States liquidity crisis in the second half of 2008 completely out of control, leading to Europe and the United States a number of large financial institutions closed down or taken over by the government, triggering a global financial crisis.

China's failure in this round of crisis, in response to the crisis, the Chinese government in November 2008 launched to further expand domestic demand and promote stable and rapid economic growth of the ten measures, which benefit from "expanding domestic demand" and the introduction of the car The purchase of tax incentives, unexpectedly contributed to the outbreak of China's auto market, has been almost exhausted aluminum alloy wheel orders and suddenly flocked to really just in the financial crisis was shocked to be confused to the aluminum wheel hub manufacturers are running around For a while, after the delay in the children to come, the main OEM market hub manufacturers have recruited, expansion of investment, the formation of the history of the second round of investment peak.

The investment boom is different from the previous round, the number of aluminum wheel manufacturers in the industry has almost no increase, while the industry's production capacity has expanded rapidly, while the aluminum wheel industry's first large-scale reshuffle also occurred in This stage.

The current round of aluminum alloy wheel investment boom began in previous years, this investment can also be said that the heat of the last round of the continuation of the climax. In addition to the automobile and parts industry, the manufacturing industry is almost fatal, and the virtual finance, the Internet and the real estate industry have become street mice, the capital of the profits and interests of the "four trillion bailout plan" sequelae, Attribute determines the market's hot money will inevitably be homeopathic transfer is still in full swing in the automotive industry.

Therefore, the recent years, the original aluminum wheel hub manufacturers continue to expand, the new switch to join also have emerged, until 2016 throughout the country focused on a light alloy wheel project get together "planning", "signing", "put into production" The hot situation.

The following is collected from the open channels of China's aluminum alloy wheel industry in 2016 new project "completed and put into production" "signed landing" and "planning" information summary:

In these projects, 2016 has been put into production capacity of 10.4 million, under construction capacity of 24.6 million, has signed and planned production capacity of 42.3 million, a total of 77.3 million. Which is magnesium alloy wheels in the construction and contracted capacity of 6 million, forged aluminum alloy wheels signed and under construction capacity of 20.5 million.

From the above information can be seen that the biggest feature of the investment hot is a huge budget, the project unit is huge, there have been several giant-style project planning. At the same time, this round of investment and planning projects, raw materials and production processes have changed in the past to "A356 aluminum" "low-pressure casting" based on a single model, there has been a diversified trend.

China's aluminum alloy wheel industry after years of development, has gradually formed a fully competitive market environment, in which each business behavior in the market differences reflect the investors on the market different understanding and understanding, I believe that the current round The investment decisions of these investors are well thought out, the choice of the program, new materials and "new technology" is also through scientific proof and experimental.

But still have to remind the market demand growth or have its own laws, excessive expansion, overheated investment easily lead to excess supply, vicious competition and corporate crisis, so companies need to scientific layout, reasonable planning.