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Conservation Method For Alloy Wheels
Feb 28, 2017

1. When the wheels when the temperature is high, you should let it cool naturally after cleaning, do not wash in cold water, or will make the alloy wheel damage, deformation and the impact of even brake disc braking effect. In addition, the used detergent in high temperature alloy wheels, the wheel's surface chemical reaction, tarnish and affect the appearance.

2. When you touch difficult to remove tar wheel, if the cleaners to no avail, tried to clear the brush, but do not use hard brushes, especially iron brush to avoid damaging the wheel surface. At this point, to private owners were introduced to clear tar prescription, using medicinal "active oil" scrub, you can get unexpected results.

3. Vehicle area when wet or when close to the beach, wheels should be frequently cleaned to avoid corrosion of salt on the surface of aluminum.

4. After cleaning, if necessary, the wheel can be waxing and maintenance so that they shine forever.