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Development Trend Of Automotive Aluminum Wheel And Technology
Feb 28, 2017

As early as in the 1920 of the 20th century Germans used sand casting production of aluminum wheels for racing, late 40 's in car applied aluminum wheels, cast integral aluminum wheel hub was developed in the late 50, developed countries began in the 70 's the mass application of aluminum wheels. China began the manufacturing of aluminum wheels in the late 80, with total production of more than 7.2 million vehicles in China in 2006 to become the world's third-largest producer and the world's second largest consumer, automobile and motorcycle aluminium wheels in China with an annual output of more than 62 million, is the world's aluminum wheel producer, and large export shares.

To meet using function and market of needs, aluminum wheel in structure Shang has overall type and more pieces combined of design; appearance styling Shang has wide spoke, and narrow spoke, and more spoke, and less spoke, shape design; appearance style has coated loaded, and spoke car bright surface coated transparent paint, and polishing coated transparent paint, and plating, appearance requirements; coated loaded of color has movement silver, and fine silver, and bright smoke grey, and black, different color of requirements, and large, and high strength, and light quantitative, and soft refinement, and Beautiful aluminum wheel appearance and structural design of the main development trends and seek direction.