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Development Trend Of Wheel Automation Production Line
Aug 02, 2017


Current auto market demand and prospects

In recent years, China's auto sales remained stable growth, the national auto sales from 2005 to less than 6 million to 2016 to reach 28.028 million, the annual compound growth rate of about 15.63%. According to the latest data show that as of the first half of 2017 car sales reached 13.3359 million, an increase of 3.81%, growth has slowed.

New energy vehicles are long-term development direction, the greater demand for automotive electronics. "Energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2012-2020)" clear to pure electric new energy vehicles for the main strategic orientation, the goal is to strive for pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles to 2020 capacity to reach 2 million , The cumulative production and sales reached 5 million.

Aluminum alloy wheel market demand

Aluminum wheels are the product of "high speed", "energy saving" and "modern fashion". At present, the world's aluminum wheel loading rate has more than 60%, variety and quantity are increasing, covering from the car to the bus and truck all models. Take the passenger car as an example, the steel wheel market share from the 80s of last century 90% down to the current 50%, especially in the field of high-end passenger cars, aluminum alloy wheel market competitive advantage. Global automotive aluminum wheel demand is growing slightly. In the OEM market, with the increase in car production and sales, aluminum wheel demand for a slight increase in demand for aluminum wheel in 2015 about 220 million.


Wheel hub automation production line trend

China's mainland population dividend down the inflection point has emerged, compared with the developed countries, the cheap labor has no advantage at all, how to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs will be the existing hub companies and new businesses are most concerned about Problem, if the Chinese mainland want to continue to maintain the status of the global production of aluminum alloy wheels, then you should give up the old mode of thinking, and actively face the few people, the trend of automated production, the old production line system transformation, the new production line Scientific planning, production automation will become the hub of the new normal manufacturing enterprises. In addition, in order to meet the "China Manufacturing 2025" strategic planning and aluminum alloy wheel industry production automation trends, aluminum alloy wheels production and testing equipment will become intelligent.