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Differences On Forging Process And The Casting Process
May 18, 2017

In recent days, we visited Shandong Meika Wheel Co.,Ltd., the staff enthusiastic, seriously for us to explain the wheel of the wheel on the manufacturing arts and alloy wheel features:

First, forging and casting process has significant technical differences. Casting is divided into low pressure and high pressure two ways, low pressure casting is the most basic method of producing aluminum alloy wheels, After the high temperature alloy melts, pour in the good mold inside, after cooling of the product is what we usually said rough pieces, and then through the lathe fine processing polishing process eventually get the finished product.

Forging is the most advanced method for producing an aluminum wheels, forged alloy wheels is constant pressure to an ingot in the hot state, with a large forging machine repeatedly forging blank into a hub.    the role of this procedure is that the width of the rim is stretched to meet specific standards.

The basic shape of the wheel and then through the lathe finishing, polished paint can be finished after the aluminum alloy wheels. Because the forging process is complex, forging equipment is expensive, so the cost of forging the wheel is relatively high.

In addition, forged aluminum alloy wheels in the toughness, impact resistance, strength, load capacity and other aspects of the relative casting to be higher. In the heat performance is almost the same, forged aluminum alloy wheels lighter, can carry more powerful circumstances, although the forging to be more expensive, but the same performance is also better.

Staff remind you that in the future to buy the wheel, we must carefully distinguish.

And we can provide you with high quality products and attentive service, look forward to your contact.