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Do Not Ignore The Hub Maintenance
Apr 25, 2017

We mention the car to mention their own car will naturally think of the car's engine and tires, but the small wheels are completely ignored by us, but the most let us need attention is the hub, because the hub is good or bad.There is a direct relationship between the quality of the tires.

Remark on the daily maintenance of the hub:

1、 When the hub temperature is high, it should wait for it after cooling we clean it again, do not use cold water to cool it, so that the hub will be damaged, and even make the brake disc deformation and affect the braking effect , We do not use detergent when cleaning the wheel, because it will make the surface of the wheel chemical reaction, loss of gloss, affect the appearance.

2、If our wheels are particularly hard to clean the asphalt, the cleaning agent is not effective, then you can use the brush to clear, but do not use a hard brush, because it will damage the wheel. To introduce a way to clean asphalt, is the choice of medicinal "active oil" rubbed, you can get unexpected results, interested friends can try.

Slight scratch can be self-repair:

Step 1:Clean the wheels. Wipe the scars to remove the dirt when you can use the dilution of the paint solution, the deepest place is the most easy to remove the scratches, we can choose to use toothpicks to remove, in order to prevent the irrelevant place to paint, we can use stickers to Scratched around.

Step 2:with a good brush tip in the wheel damage to the place where the paint, and then wait for its dry, painted time can be painted slightly protruding some, to facilitate our observation.