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Effects Of Application Of Aluminium-alloy Wheels To Vehicles
May 03, 2017

     With the increasing demand for energy and traffic safety in the world, the weight and safety of motorcycles and automobile wheels have been paid more and more attention. In the 1980s, aluminum wheels were also widely used in China. Taking into account the market and technical reasons, the wheel enterprises have recognized the need to develop new wheel materials, the application of new energy-saving materials production technology, the use of aluminum alloy composite materials, the development of wheel production in the new technology, with a view to enhance the energy- Materials and improve product performance, design, research and other aspects of the application, to further improve China's international market competitiveness of alloy wheels. 

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    Aluminum alloy wheel features include the following three points: 1. Safety. Aluminum alloy cooling effect is better, enhanced braking performance, improve the life of the tire and brake disc, effectively protect the vehicle safe driving. 2. comfortable. Vehicles with aluminum wheels generally use flat tires with better cushioning and vibration absorption than ordinary tires, and comfort will be greatly improved when they are on an uneven road or at high speeds. 3. Energy saving. Aluminum alloy wheel has light weight and high manufacturing precision, it's inertia resistance is also small. This is conducive to improving the car's straight line performance, reduce tire rolling resistance, thereby reducing fuel consumption.