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Heavy Truck Forged Aluminum Alloy Wheels And Ordinary Heavyweight Stitch Compared To The Advantages
May 04, 2017

  Today's heavy-duty forged aluminum alloy wheels are becoming more and more common and have significant advantages compared to ordinary heavy-duty coils. Take meika safe wheel as an example now.

   First of all, meika safe wheels are lighter in weight. Forged aluminum ring weight is only equivalent to half the weight of the heavy-duty coils.

   Second, aluminum wheels are very fuel efficient. After installation of the forged aluminum ring, the vehicle's inertia is reduced due to the weight of the vehicle, the vehicle performance is improved, and the demand for braking energy is reduced accordingly, thereby reducing fuel consumption.

   Third, tire wear is reduced by 26%. Due to the characteristics of forging ring, not easy to deformation, loose temperature, the protection of the suspension system is better, so the tire wear greatly reduced.

    Fourth, the brake maintenance costs are reduced. As the forging aluminum ring heating is very fast, normal operating temperature is low, so the brake system and accessories with excellent protection. Thus greatly reducing the maintenance costs of the braking system.

    Fifth, the carrying capacity of high, forging ring bearing energy is 5 times than ordinary iron.

Sixth, our safety wheel improves driving comfort. Due to the characteristics of the forged wheel, the truck is particularly smooth at high speed, which improves the driving pleasure.

    In addition, handsome in appearance. Forged aluminum ring design freedom, can be combined with models. So that cars, round one, filling the perfect.

    Based on the above advantages, more and more heavy truck drivers choose aluminum forging wheel, which has become a trend.