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MeiKa Truck Wheel Using The Most Advanced Forging Pressure Process
Jul 03, 2017


MeiKa truck wheel production process using the most advanced forging spinning process, compared with the traditional steel wheel, can reduce the vehicle weight about 23KG per round, increase the payload, reduce the weight of the vehicle hanging the following, but also effectively increase the wheel grip, Improve vehicle handling, so that the vehicle driving more stable, more secure; the same time, excellent heat dissipation, effectively extending the tire life of more than 26%.


1. The most stringent raw material screening.

From the British spectrum analyzer, the German metallographic microscope and tensile testing machine, the chemical composition of each raw material, microstructure, mechanical properties of 360-degree test, followed by ultrasonic flaw detector full inspection, to ensure zero defects in raw materials.


2. Cutting process

MeiKa has the world's advanced level of cutting technology to meet the automation of products, high-precision cutting, from Germany, Moses that fully automatic cutting machine so that each product of the poor weight control in ± 0.1kg, the precise realization of the production process requirements The weight and size.


3. Heating process

Aluminum rods rely on the technology of Japan's three companies and Dongda sensor heating furnace to obtain the best forging temperature.


4. Forging process

Followed by three high tonnage hydraulic press to complete the initial forging, forming forging, expansion and other processes, up to 10,000 tons of pressure extrusion, the product is more compact organizational structure, thereby enhancing product performance.


5. Strong cold spinning

The world's first brand Germany LEIFEID spinning machine automatically complete the cold spinning process to ensure that the product size accuracy, appearance quality is superior to the same industry level.


6. Strengthen the T6 heat treatment

Through the three-dimensional design and manufacture of Japan's T6 heat treatment furnace on the spinning blank continuous high temperature solid solution, quenching, low temperature aging, integrated heat treatment system, the product within the aluminum alloy system more stable, greatly enhance the hub Of the mechanical strength and hardness.


7. Machining production line

Taiwan Far East, the latest wheel-specific CNC lathes and five-axis machining center, you can achieve full-size products, one-time shape processing, remove the traditional blade processing to ensure that the product 100% of the dynamic balance and reduce the repeatability of the product error caused by positioning Increase. Automatic logistics design, product processing efficiency, dimensional accuracy control, are standing on the top of the industry.


8. Surface treatment

From the Spanish Opter's automated polishing system to achieve automatic fine polishing, the product safer, more stable, more environmentally friendly.