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Multiple-piece Aluminum Wheels
Feb 28, 2017

Multiple-piece aluminum wheels have a two piece and three piece, several parts using forge and spinning wheel technology, using titanium bolts, these products are lightweight, high strength, excellent, but expensive, is mainly used for all kinds of championship racing and luxury cars. In global various level of car game in the, regardless of is car also is motorcycle, regardless of is in what conditions Xia, requirements vehicles can in short of 3s within will speed from zero accelerated to 100km/h, so wheel need in track Shang can bear due to very high of horizontal acceleration, and very high of run speed and bad of conditions and produced of overload run State, and tire strongly of wear and produced of temperature rose caused of effect, in this environment in the more pieces type aluminum wheel suffered live has various hard environment of test. While product quality of light, using advanced manufacturing technology, products with high structural strength, combination of multi-piece styling gives a thick sturdy feel.