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One-piece Aluminum Racing Wheels
Feb 28, 2017

Motor racing is a test of the vehicle technology, wheels for the tested to withstand a variety of harsh environments. F1 racing calls for single-piece wheels, in order to ensure performance of wheels and vehicle weight requirements, often by forging blank using spinning forming production to ensure product performance and the most lightweight, compared with the same specifications of cast aluminum wheels, their mechanical properties over 18%, you can also reduce the quality of about 20%. F1 racing movement is most by people concern of a items car game, wheel is to in track Shang can bear due to very high of horizontal acceleration, and very high of run speed and bad of conditions and produced of overload run State, and tire strongly of wear and produced of temperature rose brings of effect, these specifically for F1 racing design manufacturing of single pieces type aluminum wheel, suffered live has various hard environment of test.