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One Piece Aluminum Wheels
Feb 28, 2017

Although the car in safety, environmental protection, energy saving and comfort, aesthetic requirements in continuous improvement, aluminum wheels for passenger cars, however unlike racing performance requirement is that

Harsh, integral aluminum wheel is sufficient to meet the requirements of low pressure casting, but focus more on appearance and aluminum wheels for passenger cars and beautiful design. Under the influence of motor sport and the requirements of energy saving, beautiful, car aluminum wheel is also changing, richer sense of movement of large diameter, soft-spoke aluminum wheel design and lightweight aluminum wheel design, is the main trend of development and the pursuit of automotive aluminium wheel direction. Traditional of aluminum wheel design everyone in road Shang at any time visible, this without more said has, following introduced several class fashion of car aluminum wheel, this several class aluminum wheel in shape and the structure styling Shang highlight of features is soft fine of spoke, and large of, and light quantitative, representative has aluminum wheel of development trend, narrow fine of spoke provides has wide of spoke between space, ensure has brake disc is good of cooling, improve has security.