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Product Advantage: Difference Between Aluminum Wheel And Steel Wheel
Jun 27, 2017


1.       Light weight, fuel saving and high maneuverability


Forged aluminum wheel for passenger car or truck is less than 25 kg, while steel wheel is about 46 kg, thus each vehicle can reduce at least 161 kg. According to the data provided by the world aluminum industry association, usually when every vehicle reduce 10% in weight, the fuel consumption be reduced by 6% - 8%. It is conceivable that this will save a significant cost. And because of the characteristics -light weight- of aluminum alloy wheel, it can reduce the weight of the suspension/shock, reduce the shock absorbers wear, and improve the driving smoothness/handling.


2.       High intensity and safety



The bearing capacity of forged aluminum wheel is five times of that of steel wheel.


The following is a shock test:


Simulate a truck  run into the kerb at the speed of 50 kilometers per hour, which equivalent to 910 kilograms of weight fell from a high place into the tyres and wheels, the test result given by Japan VIA certification test equipment is : forged aluminum wheel hub only minorly damaged, while  steel wheel is very seriously damaged.


3.   Good heat dissipation, reduce wear and tear, not explosive


     The heat dissipation of the aluminum alloy wheel is 3 times of steel wheel.

     It can effectively reduce the tyre temperature, reduce tyre's wear and tear, prolongs the s ervice life of the tyre by 26%.

  Safe and reliable, not explosive.


4.  High roundness, good balance


Precision up to 0.05 mm, running balance performance is good, which can reduce rolling resistance in the process of driving, reduce fuel consumption.It is conducive to eliminate steering wheel wobbling caused by the long body of the vehicle, and reduce the phenomenon of tyre eating.


5.  Process in one go, beautiful appearance


Specially customised diamond blade can make the surface of the product like a mirror.