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Repair Of Wheels And Repair Of Aluminum Wheel
Jul 12, 2017

The wheel is an important part of the car running parts, contact with the ground, high-speed walking, will inevitably be "hurt", specifically how to repair the wheel? Aluminum Wheel repair specific how to repair it? Today, the aluminum alloy wheel repair and wheel repair Some methods, with the majority of owners to discuss the next!

First, the Aluminum Wheel deformation

When the tires in the running strong impact on the shoulder or hard objects, not only the tire will be discarded. The Aluminum Wheel will be so concave to lead to deformation scrapped.

1, the repair method: the concave position to use sponge, cloth and other first pad, and then hammer to the concave part of the place to go flat. Smashing the pits will certainly be very uneven. It does not matter, you can use the atomic ash (putty), that is, when the sheet metal is used to find the usual use. Used in the wheel is to find a round, the uneven place to repair flat, and then sandpaper will be inside the wheel hair, ready for the next step to paint.

Put in the sun let putty dry. The next step is the same as the car painting, the whole spray Aluminum Wheel. Because the original wheel is the color of aluminum alloy itself, is any paint can not be achieved. So only the whole spray. With automatic painting near the hub of the original paint inside the hub all painted. After the paint was dry, a "new" was born.

2, side effects: aluminum alloy for the metal material, a wire bending and then back into a straight line, two or three times will be broken, not to mention such a big Aluminum Wheel. The wheels were forced to return to their originals, although the appearance and the new, but the internal organization has been very fragile. The position of the repair in the drive but by the impact, then the wheels will be directly broken cause serious accidents.

Second, the Aluminum Wheel of leakage

The seal of the Aluminum Wheel and the tires should have been very tight. When the wheel, such as being severely scratched, causing the Aluminum Wheel around the "gnawing" out of the place. This time will cause the tire to quickly leak, and the hub and therefore scrapped.

Scattered and injured wheels

1, repair method: the "gnawing" out of the place with the first putty repair, so that the appearance of the first to restore the original. As the putty and aluminum alloy is the difference between the hardness of the poor, so after the use of repair or will leak. Then the following is the key step, "insect" will make an article in the wheel inside.

With a white glass of plastic will be marked on the wheel of a glass of plastic, by virtue of this circle of glass glue can be putty putty after the repair of the wheel in the use of absolutely will not leak. The next step is to hit the whole wheel inside and outside the paint. And glass glue is covered by color, but also because in the inner ring, it will be difficult to find. "New" wheels were born again.

2, side effects: Although it is not leaked, but when driving due to road bumps will cause slow spill, and even suddenly the phenomenon of gas. Car driving on the highway, the tire suddenly no gas look like you can imagine it

Third, the wheel break

This situation is usually met in a large accident. The wheels are broken, do not think can be directly scrapped.