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Structure Analysis Of Automobile Aluminium Alloy Wheel
Feb 28, 2017

In order to meet market demand function and, on the structure of aluminum alloy wheels with integral and pieces combined a variety of structural design in appearance has wide spokes, narrow spokes, hub, spokes and other less design. For security reasons, the appearance and structure of alloy wheels must be designed to meet safety and functional requirements for the premises. For the average passenger car, integral aluminum wheel hub is sufficient to meet the performance requirements.

Method of forming of aluminium alloy automobile wheels

Alloy wheels production methods are currently casting, forging, stamping and spinning method. China's aluminum wheel manufacturing is still dominated by low pressure casting, a number of advanced manufacturing technology has not been used. Alloy wheel manufacturing technology in continuous development, in order to improve its performance, now put the squeeze casting (liquid die forging) formed, semisolid die forging direction trend.