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Talking About The Difference Between Automotive Aluminum Wheel And Iron Wheel
Jul 12, 2017

Many car faithful in the purchase of new cars or a car, all want to car all aspects of the conversion. One of the most is the modification of the car wheel, the original car iron wheels replaced by Aluminum Wheel. Many people think that the car Aluminum Wheel are not only beautiful than the iron wheels, but also strong and lightweight, more affordable. In fact, car iron wheels are not nothing. Today to give you about the car Aluminum Wheel and the advantages and disadvantages of iron wheels.

Wheel material advantages and disadvantages of contrast:

In fact, Aluminum Wheel actually contain other metals, such as iron, so should be called Aluminum Wheel. Ordinary wheels and ordinary aluminum Aluminum Wheel, iron wheel toughness, hardness is poor, aluminum wheels on the contrary, good hardness but toughness is poor. As a result of the manufacture of materials and processes, iron wheels at high speed when the stability is not good, Aluminum Wheel at high speed stability is very good, and accelerated and heat-resistant Aluminum Wheel are even better.

Actual use of advantages and disadvantages of contrast:

Although the overall performance of aluminum wheel are better than iron wheels, but after all, its cost is relatively high. For a set of general Aluminum Wheel also need a thousand dollars. At the same time the late maintenance of the Aluminum Wheel than the iron wheel trouble, such as: driving no less than the heart, easy to hit the Aluminum Wheel, on the road teeth, by isolation, isolation pier, the most likely to damage the Aluminum Wheel. And Aluminum Wheel once damaged, can only be replaced, can not restore the original appearance and maintenance.

Iron wheels are equipped with plastic hub cover. Now the market has a lot of beautiful hub cover, if the fit with the same, but also to achieve the same effect as aluminum wheel. The figure is Beijing Hyundai ix35 with the hub cover, the appearance of aluminum wheel than the times. And the conversion cost is very low.