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The Precursor Of A Truck Wheel At The Time Of Puncture
May 25, 2017

For the car puncture, many people think that the car puncture is to see luck, but is it so? Truck wheel in the puncture, there will be some precursors, so when the car appears the following precursors, it is necessary Attention!

1, now a lot of Truck Wheel design are very user-friendly, Truck Wheel surface are early warning line, when the tires of the trough and early warning line was flat, this time the best time to replace the tires, because this time The tire wear is already very serious!

2, when out of the time, when the truck side of the tires found cracks, even if it is a very small cracks, are the need for timely processing, because even if the small cracks, but also lead to tire leakage, Then there will be a lot of security risks when driving!

3, some long-term use of Truck Wheel, tires on the surface will be some drums, most owners will not care about such a situation, but this situation is very dangerous, very easy to drive when the accident occurred , Because this tire is also very easy to puncture when driving, so when found this situation, the need for timely processing!

Routine maintenance or long-distance travel, very few owners of the spare tire for testing, and some unprofessional repair shop also often neglect this point. Spare tire testing is mainly to check the tire pressure and wear and tear and cracks in the tread wear to the wear mark before the line, as soon as possible to replace the tire.

Often there will be such a situation: the owner after the quench want to replace the spare tire, but found that spare tire after years of standing, has been serious aging, has long been waste tire. The spare tire life is usually 4 years.

Some of the owners will repair the tire as a spare tire, these tires if you want to use again, must be placed on the non-driving wheel, we generally drive the middle and below the vehicles are mostly forward, and because the front tire The direction of the car is less easy to control, so the tire after the repair on the rear wheel.

Finally, to remind the majority of riders note that: the speed of the Truck Wheel is allowed to allow the tire to reach the maximum speed limit, in this speed is safe to drive.