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Truck Wheel Hub Bearing Maintenance
Aug 14, 2017

Truck wheel bearing maintenance when the truck is essential part of the maintenance content, I believe many people know this, first of all, before the dismantling of the hub should be done before the hub maintenance work, the car stopped and set up the axle to ensure maintenance homework safety.


1, remove the wheel hub of the decorative cover, dust cover.

2, remove the tire nuts and tires, be careful not to hurt the thread of the tire bolts. If it is a disc brakes, remove the brakes and remove the locking or locking pins with a pliers.

3, with a special tool to remove the hub.

4, scraping the bearing, journal and the hub of the old grease inside the cavity, with a cleaning agent to clean the wheel bearings and journal and dry with a cloth, and finally with a cloth to wipe the wheel cavity.

5, check the wheel bearing and bearing race, found that there are cracks, fatigue peeling and loose roller bearings and other phenomena, should replace the bearings. If you find the bearing seat on the pitting, should also replace the bearing.

6, check the bearing diameter and journal with the situation, with the gap should not be greater than 0.10 mm. When measuring the journal, measure the upper and lower parts of the vertical floor, where the maximum wear is. If the clearance exceeds the specified limits, the bearings should be replaced to return to the normal clearance. Do not allow burrs on the journal to increase the gap.

7, until all the parts are in line with the requirements, the internal bearing smear grease into the wheel.

8, the bearing cavity should be noted that grease should be squeezed into the bearing until the grease from the other side of the bearing so far. In the hub cavity and the shaft head cover a thin layer of grease, so that play the role of rust. Note that the grease inside the hub cavity should not be smeared too much, otherwise it will affect the heat and braking.

9, the hub and the outer bearing back to the journal, the hand shaft adjustment nut screw on, and then use the shaft wrench according to the provisions of the torque to tighten the adjustment nut. Tighten the nut, should turn around the hub a few laps to see the bearing installation; the other hand, by rotating the bearing and the seat with the correct match. At this time the appropriate tightness of the bearing, the wheel free to rotate and feel no axial clearance.

10, and finally install the lock plate, fixed nuts, tires, dust cover and decorative cover and other parts.