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What Are The Benefits Of Aluminum Wheel?
Jul 03, 2017

Now generally believe that Aluminum Wheel than steel wheels, the reason is nothing more than the following:

1. beautiful, this Europe agreed, should be.

2. Light - fuel-efficient, how much weight can this gap be?

3. Deformation, it seems that the expansion of aluminum alloy is high, this Europe do not understand, do you want the hub deformation?

4. Heat dissipation: Is the difference in thermal conductivity between aluminum and steel?

But the Aluminum Wheel are much more expensive than the steel wheels, worth it?

Aluminum Wheel:

1) rigid, good round, good deformation, the car parts of the wear and tear on the small, suitable for high-speed; steel soft, easy to deformation, four-wheel positioning are useless, high speed (160 above) , Affect the life of the car;

2) good flexibility, improve the ride in the vehicle ride comfort, easier to absorb the movement of vibration and noise.

Aluminum Wheel Disadvantages: This wheel is slightly less durable, in the event of a hard object after the collision can not repair deformation

1, fuel-efficient: Aluminum Wheel on average each lighter than the steel ring 2 kg, a car with 5 will save 10 kg weight. According to the Japanese experiment, the car weight per 1 kg reduction, a year can save 12 liters of gasoline, in the same fuel consumption, can run more than 600-800 meters. The kinetic energy generated by the engine, the load to be overcome when the transmission to the tire is the moment of torque, torque = weight x distance of the square, so the weight is only 2 kg, but the difference in torque is quite large. A report published by the American Society of Automotive Engineers pointed out that although the Aluminum Wheel in foreign countries than the average steel ring is expensive, but each car went to 20,000 km, the fuel savings will be enough to recover the cost.

2, increase the engine life: According to the engine load and efficiency curve, when the load to a certain extent, the efficiency of anti-decline, the marginal effect that this time for each additional unit load, the engine will be more difficult, Engine load reduction, naturally reduce the failure to extend the life.

3, heat dissipation: 20 degrees Celsius, the metal thermal conductivity: 356.2 aluminum alloy: 0.53, steel: 0.18, chromium: 0.16. It can be seen that the thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is 3 times the steel, cooling effect is good, long-distance high-speed driving, but also to keep the tire temperature, the brake drum and tire is not easy to aging, increase life expectancy and reduce the chance of puncture.

4, roundness is good: the accuracy of up to two thousandths of an inch, less than the width of the hair (three thousandths of an inch). Running balance good, to eliminate the general body bumps and steering wheel jitter phenomenon.

5, durable: aluminum alloy rim impact resistance, tension and heat and other strength than the ring has gone, so in the defense industry, the aviation industry has played an extremely important role.

6, beautiful: the general steel ring due to production constraints, the form of monotonous dull, lack of change, Aluminum Wheel are all kinds of design, coupled with the effect of gloss, color, but also improve the car's noble sense of value and beauty atmosphere.

7, light operation: the light weight, roundness is good, can control the steering wheel, turn, light and flexible, the brake is also easier.