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Why The Front Wheel Hub Protruding, The Rear Hub Concave?
Aug 07, 2017

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Front and rear wheel hub will be uneven, and the general phenomenon is the front wheel hub protruding, rear wheel concave into. What is this in the end?

The ET value is an abbreviation for the Off-set, defined as the distance between the mounting surface of the rim and the center of Rim, the positive offset to the outside, to the inside of the rim Negative (Negative Offset).


Understand the definition of ET value, and then extended to the truck before and after the wheel bump problem, it is a good understanding: front wheel ET value is positive, rear wheel ET value is negative, in fact, more precisely that: after the outer wheel ET value is negative, Rear wheel inside the wheel is also positive, simply said that the rear wheel inside the hub is also protruding, but from the surface is hidden from the fills.

Most of the wheel hubs are positive, the purpose is to expand the wheel space, easy to brake / steering / suspension system layout. The front wheel of the truck is so. The reason why the rear wheel hub offset is negative and actually very simple, the rear wheels are generally two wheels, as shown.


Rear axle in order to be able to install two wheels at a time, the need for the outer wheel rim offset value is negative, the inner side is positive. Two wheels of the installation surface is relatively close, can be more convenient to achieve the structure. Many truck design in order to save costs, front and rear wheels are actually the same structure, the front wheel and the inner rear wheel direction, the opposite rear wheel directly on the buckle.