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You Have To Know A Few Values When Replacing A Wheel
Jul 20, 2017


NO.1 size

The hub size, i.e. the diameter of the hub, it is said 15-inch wheels, refers to the diameter of the hub is 16 inch wheels 15, 16 in inches.


NO.2 J value (hub width)

And J is a value commonly known as the hub width, directly influence the choice of the tire, the same tire sizes, different values  J, selected tire flat width ratio is different.


NO.3 ET value

ET value refers to the hub centerline to the installation surface of the distance, also known as offset. Popular point is that the wheel is modified after the indentation or outward protruding. Usually without modification under the premise of the brake system, to ensure that the new hub of the ET value and the same as the original. ET deviation is too large may lead to abnormal tire wear, bearing wear, brake calipers hit or suspension, or even can not be installed properly.

NO.4 PCD with hole

PCD and the hole is one of the most important parameters of the hub, for example, 5 × 112--5 refers hub 5 is fixed by screws 112 refers to the center point of the screw 5 together into a circle, the diameter of the circle of 112mm.


If the data does not match the pitch with the original car, what methods can not remedy, really encounter this is the case, he did not blame thoughtful.


The production method determines the performance

Wheel from the production point of view, sub-casting and forging two kinds. Casting is the more primitive way to make the wheels heavier and the strength is also worse. But the cost is cheap, so still some manufacturers in use. Forged wheels are mostly race / street run, beautiful style, light weight, high strength, uniform distribution and so on. The forging wheel is also divided into multi-layer forging and single-layer forging. Single layer is generally lighter, and multi-storey more durable, and more for the track. So, seemingly the same material, but the manufacturing process also determines the performance of the pros and cons.